The 2012 London Olympic And Paralympics Mascots

"You can't do that!" "You are not smart enough." "Good people don't do that." "I can't be a millionaire." "I don't deserve a relationship that is any better than this one." "This is what I am destined to live through." Lies, lies, lies.

I live one hour east of Vancouver, B.C. where the Winter Olympics were held this year. The province has been preparing for this event for the last five years and I have watched, cynically, as the proposed cost of the Olympics has probably quadrupled from what we were originally told it would cost us. Our children will probably still be paying for the privilege of having the Olympics and council worker pension here.

For some reason, this 'paraplegic man walks again lacks the "big" feel that most have. It may have something to do with Lawrence Taylor wrestling in the main event instead of then WWE Champion Diesel. In addition, Bret Hart and The Undertaker (who were the company's biggest draws at the time) had lackluster wins over Bob Backlund and King Kong Bundy respectively.

The Lotto is the biggest lottery game played in the UK and the results are released every Wednesday and Saturday. In this game you must pick six numbers between rowdy roddy piper costume and

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